Good design is universal an timeless. This applies to fashion just as it does to boats. To today, Riva boats symbolize perfect design, pure aesthetics and quality as well as positively artistic workmanship.

It is thanks to enthusiasts and expert like the Barberis family that the fascination with Riva boats is still alive and well today. Giuseppe Barberis founded the Barberis shipyard in 1931. Initially focused on the construction of various rowing boat models, the shipyard later added sport and racing boats as well as small yachts its repertoire.

In 1937 the shipyard build the racing boat “Mariella”, wich featured an Alfa-Romeo engine. The Mariella’s owner, an engineer named Passarin, went on to win many races with this boat, including the German Grand Prix.

In the early 1960s demand for wooden motor boats was high and, among the many manufacturers in the sector, the Riva shipyard in Sarnico made a name for itself in the booming market. The Barberis shipyard ceased its own ship-building operations and henceforth specialized in the maintenance and overhauling of wooden boats, as evidenced by the many Riva motor boats serviced in this shipyard.

In 1982 Barberis’ son Alcide assumed the management of the Barberis shipyard. Although the overhauling of Riva motor boats remained the core competence of the shipyard, Barberis also concentrated on the repair of hulls and motors, while the maintenance of chrome parts, boat upholstery and on-board instruments was outsourced to different companies.